Health Education for Street Children

Health education teaching material suitable for non-formal teaching situations

Street children, excluded from family and society, face a difficult existence and are the focus of this initiative. In every part of the world children are being abandoned or are going to the streets to escape impossible living situations. Many of these children are 'at risk' of exploitation, victimisation by the unscrupulous in relation to substance abuse, organised crime and begging. Health concerns may include malnutrition, anaemia, skin diseases, STDs including HIV/AIDS, dental problems, injuries from accidents and violence, unwanted pregnancies and emotional problems.

Health Education & Promotion International, in coordination with local NGOs designs programs that utilise stories, poems and folklore to transmit information and values that promote health and quality of life. An example of such work in Tamilnadu, India is "Adho Pathai" (The Pathway) (see publications) is a series of three booklets designed for use by animators working on the streets and in the shelters in non-formal teaching situations. It is an attempt to empower children with the knowledge, values and skills to confront the situations that face them.