Health Education and Promotion International Inc. works in a number of countries around the world for social development to uplift children and youth to better states of well-being and health through education. Our work is based on development and implementation of three types of programs:

The Schools Total Health Program is a program for development of a comprehensive school curriculum aimed at empowering children with essential life skills to enhance their quality of life, eliminate ignorance regarding health, confront negative attitudes and values and provide a practice ground for health skills.

Health Education for Street Children is an effort to reach out to children 'of the streets' and 'on the streets' with development, in coordination with local NGOs, of sound educational material on health and life skills suitable for non-formal teaching situations.

Peer Leaders Program gives responsibility and leadership to youth by training them to become active within their own community to improve health and quality of life.

Action oriented programs

Health Education is reaching millions of children in the state of Tamilnadu, India through the work of HEPI and the government in implementation of the Schools Total Health Program.

Teacher enthusiasm

“I will do all that I can, immediately, as a priority”

"I will make the children a catalyst for total development of school, home and society"

“I will act as a role model, in such a way that the children can follow and take this idea to their family and community"

"Health education should be taught like any other subject, as this is the foundation for all subjects"

“This most important task is my personal interest, to help children to prosper and to use life skills to solve their problems”

A spirit of love and care

“I will use role-play, storytelling, puppet show, debates, discussions, songs to teach them”

Teacher commitment